How to Choose the Right Storage Facility

How Long will you need your unit?

 Is your storage going to be temporary, or do you need a place to keep things for an extended period of time? If you’re simply needing a place for a couple of months while in between houses, short-term storage is for you. If you’ve got a project car and no garage, renting for a longer period of time might benefit you more. Look at what you’re storing and set a goal for how long you’ll need it in a self-storage facility. 

How Much Space is Needed?

 Again, look at what you’ll be storing and decide how much space you’ll need. If it’s furniture, a larger facility may be needed. If it’s a car, you’ve got to make sure it fits before you start paying for it. You don’t want to pay for more space than you need, so keep that in mind while sorting what’s going into your unit. Stuff a unit too full and you’ll never be able to find anything. Keep organized and label everything so you know what you’re storing and where it will go in your storage unit. Measure large items and ensure they will fit before buying. You can also contact us if you’re unsure and we’ll help you find the best space for your needs. 

Are you moving?

 If you just need temporary storage while planning a move, coordinate your dates properly. Whether you’re moving states or just waiting for a house to close, self-storage in Cypress, CA is a great option. Decide whether you want to rent at a facility near your new home or your existing one. If you won’t be moving for some time, we recommend sticking close to your current area. 

Decide if You Need a Moving Company

Moving everything yourself is a huge hassle but it also saves money. Do you need help from professional movers to ease your mind? Moving companies will pack up your belongings, move them to a storage site, and then move them again when the time comes to leave. Do your homework and make sure the moving company you go with is a reputable one. Don’t forget that if you pack and store items yourself, you might have to pay for insurance. When hiring the work out, often insurance is included in the cost. 

What About Mobile Storage?

Cypress storage is even easier with a mobile storage unit. The storage company simply brings the storage unit to your house so you can pack and unpack at your own pace. Then they’ll move it to your new destination!

Will You be Storing Items Seasonally?

 Cypress storage often means keeping your Christmas decor or your summer wardrobe in storage. Consider how often you’ll be getting in to switch items out so you can organize your space accordingly.

When Can You Access Your Unit?

 Not all facilities allow you to access your unit whenever you need it. Make sure you check the hours and rules of the self-storage facility before you decide. 

What About Vehicle Storage?

 Self-storage in Cypress, CA also means vehicle storage for many people. Make sure your vehicle fits in your unit before signing a contract. 

How Secure is the Facility?

 What kind of security measures does the facility take to ensure your valuables are protected? Ask if there are security cameras and guards as well as LED lighting and what kind of locks are on the units and the facility gates. This will give you peace of mind and ultimately protect your belongings.