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Homeowners moving into a new houseSometimes, you just need a little extra space. With a storage unit rental for homeowners, storage space doesn’t have to be a problem anymore.
There are many situations where homeowners can find themselves short on storage space:

  • Moving: If you are moving soon, but your new home isn’t move-in ready, consider a storage unit rental. We offer a variety of storage unit sizes ideal for the smallest or largest storage unit rental need.
  • Reorganizing or Renovations: It is very difficult to reorganize and renovate a space that is too cluttered. A storage unit rental can help to create more space for renovation and reorganization projects.
  • Home Renters: Many rental properties will not come with a sufficient amount of storage space. Free up some space in your home by using a storage unit for renters.
    Whatever the reason, we have a storage solution for you.

The Best Storage Features for Homeowners

We strive to offer our customers the best features in self storage. Our storage unit features offered at our storage facilities help to make renting a storage unit an easy and convenient process.

Convenient Payment Options at Stor-Mor

Our customers love our convenient payment options. Not only do we offer online payment options, our rental discounts make a storage unit rental with Stor-Mor very affordable. We offer military and seniors discounts that can easily be taken advantage of with a qualifying ID. First-time storage unit renters can also qualify for various rental discounts, including paying for the first month of rent and getting the second month free. We also accept all major credit cards.

Safe and Secure Storage Rental Options

Our storage facilities are very well lit and feature a state-of-the-art camera monitoring system that keeps a watch on your storage unit while you’re away. Our secure gates access keeps unauthorized personnel out and offers our customers additional peace of mind.

Ease of Loading and Unloading Your Storage Unit

One of our top priorities is making the moving process as easy as possible. That’s why Stor-Mor offers drive-up storage options to help make loading and unloading your storage unit quicker and more convenient.

RV, Boat and Auto Storage for Homeowners

Not only do we offer household storage solutions, we also offer RV, boat and vehicle storage solutions. As a homeowner or renter, you may be faced with the problem of finding a location to park your RV, boat or extra vehicle during the off-season or while it is not in use. Many homeowners’ associations will not allow a RV or boat to be parked in the yard of a home. Instead, consider parking your RV, boat or vehicle in one of our large vehicle storage units.

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Are you interested in renting a storage unit with Stor-Mor? When you tour our storage facilities, you will see the variety of home storage solutions we can offer you. Find a Stor-Mor self storage facility near you to reserve a storage unit today.

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