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Catering and Restaurant Equipment Storage Tips

Posted on: January 14, 2019 | by: Stor-Mor February 1, 2019

It isn’t uncommon for restaurant and catering companies to have a shortage of storage space. Between storing inventory, decorations, tables, chairs and other items required to run the business, space can become cramped very quickly. But, with a storage unit rental, it doesn’t have to be this way. Learn how to store restaurant and catering equipment in this post.

Restaurant and Catering Storage Tips

Packing Dinnerware

As a restaurant, you likely have a fluctuation in the number of guests you expect through the year. Maybe your guest count increases around the holidays and then dwindles down until summer. As a catering company, you are likely in charge of bringing the plates, bowls, glasses silverware and more to the banquet location.
When storing dinnerware, always reinforce the seams of the box with an extra layer of tape to prevent your items from breaking out the bottom. Next, pad the bottom of the box with crumpled up paper. Stack like pieces of dinnerware on top of each other with a sheet of packing paper in-between to prevent scratches.

Seasonal Decorations

Around the holidays, restaurants love to decorate with bows, trees and more. Catering companies also know the importance of having decorations for a variety of occasions. But, what do you do with these decorations when they are not in use? Well, it is important to properly store these decorations to ensure they stay in the best shape possible for the next occasion. A storage unit rental can easily store any seasonal decorations until they’re needed again. When putting these items into a storage unit, place them towards the back since they are only needed once a year.

Extra Chairs and Tables

If you are hosting an event, you will likely need more chairs and tables than you originally have in your restaurant. For a catering company, who may be reserved for parties of 50-500 people, it is expected that you have a large inventory of tables and chairs to accommodate these numbers. This quantity of tables and chairs takes up a lot of room and can be impossible to store onsite. A storage unit rental allows you to easily store pieces of furniture in a location close to your business.

Are You Looking for a Storage Unit Near You?

Unfortunately, due to the large amount of supplies needed to run a restaurant and catering company, it isn’t always cost effective to store supplies and inventory on-site at your restaurant. Instead, consider a storage unit rental. Stor-Mor Self Storage has storage facilities in Anaheim, CA, Cypress, CA, Torrance, CA, Littleton, CO, Colorado Springs, CO and Fort Collins, CO at Midpoint and Lincoln. Our storage facilities have a variety of storage unit available, perfect for any sized need.
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