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Storage Unit Size Guide

Self-storage is great for moving, downsizing, reorganizing, or storing of seasonal items. You can also take advantage of a storage unit if you need more space in your home or business. Use our Storage Unit Size Guide to find the right storage unit for your self-storage needs.

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5×5 (25 sq.ft.)Small Closet
  • Small closet or bedroom
  • Chest of drawers, office supplies, chair or clothing.
  • Small number of file boxes
5×10 (50 sq.ft)Large Closet
  • Large walk-in closet
  • Couch and chair, chest of drawers
  • Small business inventory
  • Season yard equipment
  • Bicycle or motorcycle
10×10 (100 sq.ft)Small Average Room
  • Average-sized bedroom
  • 1/2 of one-car garage
  • Furniture from one bedroom apartment
  • Refrigerator or washer/dryer
10×15 (150 sq.ft.)Large Bedroom
  • Furniture from a two bedroom apartment or house
  • Small boat
  • Appliances, patio furniture and many boxes
10×20 (200 sq.ft.)One-Car Garage
  • Furniture from a two or three bedroom apartment or house
  • Car, truck or boat with additional items
  • Merchant or contractor inventories

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