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Welcome to the Stor-Mor reviews page! Our customers trust us to provide a best-in-class experience at a competitive price. Here you can find reviews for every area served by Stor-Mor self storage.

California Reviews

“Clean place, friendly staff and fair prices.”  Jarrod – Anaheim CA


“It is like any other storage place. What makes is worth 5 stars is Karen Atkins the Manger. She even has cold water bottles for her tenants. She is a truly caring, compassionate professional.”  Jamal – Anaheim CA


“The staff has always been helpful and friendly, but I miss Patrick, he transferred to Colorado”  Sue – Cypress CA


Colorado Reviews

“This is THE BEST storage unit company EVER. The guys were SO helpful, Patrick and Doug, with both my boyfriend’s and my needs. They have a FREE truck that you just have to put a deposit down on, that you get back cause they give you 30 miles free, and we had so many things come up complications and unexpected events and these guys were SO gracious to help out with whatever. Seriously the BEST storage unit ever. Let’s just say these guys really helped us out. Hope they can for you too!! Get over there and reserve the truck today!!!!!”   Katie – Colorado Springs CO


“Betty is awesome! She was able to provide answers to all questions and does her best to meet the needs of her customers. Stor Mor has a moving trunk free for customer use that was very helpful to get my stuff hauled to storage. Prices were competitive and has a variety of unit sizes.”  Lynn – Colorado Springs CO


“It was sometime back, but I had put my lock in the wrong latch point on my door and my compartment was unsecured. The manager noticed this, and put on a temporary lock so my items were safe. She gave me a call to let me know what the situation was. That is one reason why I feel good about having part of my “life” stored at Stor-Mor.” Robert – Fort Collins CO

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