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Moving Supplies

At Stor-Mor, we are more than just a traditional storage business. We offer all the supplies you need to pack, move, and store your things. Some of the items our facilities sell include locks, various sized boxes, covers and tape. We also offer moving package deals, complete with all of the supplies you will need to have a successful move.






















  • 6 Small Boxes
  • 10 Medium Boxes
  • 4 Large Boxes
  • 2 Ex-Large Boxes
  • 2 File Boxes
  • 1 Wardrobe Box
  • 1 Tape
  • 1 Wrapping Paper


  • 8 Small Boxes
  • 3 Ex-Large Boxes
  • 2 Tape
  • 12 Medium Boxes
  • 3 File Boxes
  • 2 Wrapping Paper
  • 6 Large Boxes
  • 2 Wardrobe Boxes
  • 1 Bubble Wrap


  • 12 Small Boxes
  • 15 Medium Boxes
  • 10 Large Boxes
  • 5 Ex-Large Boxes
  • 3 Ex-Large Boxes
  • 4 File Boxes
  • 3 Wardrobe Boxes
  • 2 Tape
  • 3 Wrapping Paper
  • 2 Bubble Wrap
  • 1 Rope
  • 1 Marking Pen


  • 15 Small Boxes
  • 20 Medium Boxes
  • 15 Large Boxes
  • 7 Ex-Large Boxes
  • 6 File Boxes
  • 5 Wardrobe Boxes
  • 3 Tape
  • 4 Wrapping Paper
  • 4 Bubble Wrap
  • 2 Rope
  • 1 Marking Pen

Quality Moving Supplies Just a Click Away

From moving boxes to locks, Stor-Mor has moving supplies for every need. Select the items you want and checkout with ease. You will receive an order confirmation with instructions to pickup your moving supplies at one of our facilities near you.

Boxes from Big to Small

Can’t decide what size box is right for your needs? Our smaller boxes are perfect for personal items, such as books, records and albums. These boxes are easy to lift and load! Our medium boxes are better suited for heavy items, including pots, pans, games and toys. As the items you store get heavier and larger, you need heavier and larger boxes as well. Our larges boxes can fit your entire wardrobes, heavy duty computer equipment and bedding.

Storage Unit Locks

Our disk locks easily fit on the roll-up doors you will find at any of our facilities. Each lock comes with two keys – giving you a backup for added peace of mind. Having two keys also enables you to share access to your storage unit with ease.

Covers and Wrapping for Special Belongings

Cover up those sensitive items with bubble wrap or a mattress cover fit for the job. From Twin to King, our mattress cover will help keep your bed in top shape while it sits in storage. Our bubble wrap is a good idea for fragile items such as televisions and monitors. We also offer wrapping paper to help you stay organized during your moving or self storage experience.

Save Money with Package Deals

We offer package deals for every situation. Whether you are moving from a small apartment or an entire 3-bedroom home, our packages give you the supplies to get the job done right. Keep your entire family organized with our Family Package today!

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