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Photo Storage Tips from Stor-Mor!

Photo Storage Tips

Posted on: July 24, 2017 | by: Stor-Mor February 28, 2018

Even as our photography habits have gone almost exclusively digital, there is still some intrinsic value to displaying photos in frames or keeping them in a scrapbook. Indeed, most families have boxes of old black and white photos which have begun to fade with time due to improper photo storage techniques.

Preserving old print photography is not an easy task! Photos that have already been abusively stuffed in shoeboxes, taped in scrapbook, or stored in hot environments will need work to be properly restored. Often, the task is simply to halt the damage and salvage what remains of the old photo. The question then becomes, how can you preserve family treasures such as these for future generations to come? The answer is self storage!

Storage Units as a Home for Old Photos

Self storage units give photo connoisseurs the space they need to store there photos while retaining the dark, cool environment old photos thrive in. Before you go loading a storage unit with your old photos, follow proper photo storage protocol by using one of the photo storage options below:

Photo Boxes

You may be asking yourself, “What makes photo boxes different than shoe boxes?” Photo boxes are “photography safe,” meaning they do not contain the chemicals present in shoe boxes and envelopes that damage print photography over time. If your only option is to place loose photos in a box, it is best practice to stick a piece of archival paper between the photos to prevent the photos from sticking together.

Photo Albums

Not all photo albums are created equally! Only store old photos in albums made with materials that pass an ANSI IT 9.16 Photography Activity Test (PAT). Albums with sticky or magnetic pages have chemicals in them that can yellow and fade photographs over time. Sticky photo albums can also make the photos tear during removal and storage. Lastly, never put tape on the back of photos – this could also tear the photograph and is not a best practice!

Film Negatives

Are you planning to store old film negatives or slides? Before you store them in a storage unit, ensure each of these items is cleaned and properly cared for to help ensure preservation.

Where to Store: Best Homes for Old Photos

Those with larger homes may be able to get away with storing their framed photos, photo albums and photo storage boxes on shelves in their home or basement. For those with mid-or-small-sized homes, there may not be enough room to properly store old photos.

Since old photos are best stored in dark, cool environments, a self storage unit is an excellent solution for those looking to store photos. If you are considering storing your photos in a storage unit, also consider storing them in a climate controlled storage unit, since these keep temperature levels stable and offer your photos the best chance at a long future. Not sure which size unit is right for you? Check out our storage unit size guide today or give us a call, one of our experts can help!

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