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How to Pack Glasses, Bowls, Plates and Silverware for Moving or Storage

Posted on: September 20, 2018 | by: Stor-Mor November 7, 2018

Moving is such an exciting time! It is the start of a new chapter and beginning in your life. But unfortunately, when you move, you are also faced with packing up all of your items. Packing can be a lot of work, and some items are easier to pack than others. One item that many people have a hard time packing is dinnerware. Glasses, bowls and dishes are very fragile and can be expensive.

Tips for Packing Dishes, Glasses and Bowls for Moving

  • Clean all Dinnerware: Never pack or store dirty dinnerware. Overtime, food left on dinnerware can cause mold or mildew to form on your cups, bowls and plates.
  • Pad the Box: Before packing your dinnerware, turn the box over and make sure the bottom of the box looks sturdy. It is never a bad idea to add an additional layer of tape to help reinforce the seal on the box. After reinforcing the box, turn it back over and add wadded up paper to the bottom of the box. This will help add additional cushion and prevent any glassware from getting damaged.
  • Wrap the Dinnerware with Packing Paper: Protect the dinnerware from damage by wrapping it in packing paper. Each individual dish, cup and bowl should be wrapped in its own piece of paper. Secure the paper to the dinnerware using tape.
  • Place Dinnerware into Box: Store all bowls and dishes standing on its edge. This will help to provide the most support in case the box is bumped. Turn the glasses over and store them upside down. Place a layer of crumpled up paper in the top of the box to help further pad the dinnerware.

Tips for Packing Silverware

  • Clean all Silverware: Run all silverware through the dishwasher before packing and storing. Dirty silverware can result in the formation of rust.
  • Wrap all Silverware: Wrap groups of silverware in packing paper. Packing paper will help to protect your silverware from air, which can cause your items to tarnish.
  • Place Silverware in Silverware Tray: Move your silverware in the silverware trap. Prevent any silverware bundles from falling out of the tray by wrapping it closed with paper.

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