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Breaking apart a table to move and store in a storage unit

How to Move a Dining Room Table

Posted on: March 29, 2018 | by: Stor-Mor April 2, 2018

Dining room tables are large, fragile and awkward to move. In order to prevent damage from occurring to your table while it is being moved or stored, it is important to move and store it correctly. Are you interested in learning how to move a dining room table? You came to the right place.
Try out these dining room table moving and storage tips!

The 6 Top Tips for Moving a Dining Room Table

  1. Clean the Table: Before moving the table, dust it and use a manufacturer approved cleaner.
  2. Remove the Legs: Removing the legs before moving the table will not only make it easier to move, it will reduce the chances of your table getting damaged during the move. Protect the surface of the table while you are removing the leg by spreading a thick blanket on the floor and laying the table upside down on top of it. The legs will either be attached with screws and bolts or glue. If the legs are attached with screws and bolts, use a screw driver to remove the screws and bolts. Place the screws and bolts into a bag and tape them to the table for safekeeping. If the legs are attached with glue, use a putty knife to break the seal of the glue.
  3. Wrap Up the Legs: If you’re unable to remove the legs, wrap the legs in thick blankets to protect them during the move.
  4. Disassemble the Table Extension: The smaller you’re able to break the able down before a move, the less likely it will become damaged. Remove the leaf or table extension and wrap it in thick blankets. Tape the underside of the table where the extension was to prevent the table from coming apart and sliding around.
  5. Protect the Corners: Use cardboard pieces to protect your table during the move. Fold cardboard around the corners of the table to protect them corners from any dings.
  6. Use a Dining Table Protector: Spread a thick blanket across the top of your table to prevent it from getting scratched during your move. Use packaging tape to secure the blanket to the table.

How to Store a Dining Room Table

If you have a dining room table that you no longer want in your home, but do not want to get rid of it due to monetary or sentimental value, consider storing it. Follow these table storage tips!

  1. Do Not Reassemble Your Table Before Putting it into Storage: Reassembling your table and storing it whole will put more stress on the legs and hinges of the table.
  2. Cover the Table: Cover the pieces of the table with a sheet to prevent dust and dirt from settling on them.

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