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6 Tips for Deployment or Moving in the Military

Posted on: November 15, 2018 | by: Stor-Mor December 3, 2018

For military personnel, moving is a part of everyday life. Whether you just found out you are moving across the country to another base or have been deployed overseas, the news can seem overwhelming. Oftentimes, military personnel may not know how long their deployment or move is going to last.

Whether you are being deployed overseas or making a temporary move to another base, there are a few tips and tricks military personnel can follow to make this process as easy as possible. We’re here to help, we compiled a list of some tips for moving in the military.

Military Moving and Deployment Checklist

  • Declutter: If you’re being deployed overseas, you’ll likely have to find a location for your belongings. Sort through your items and determine what items can stay and what items need to go. The fewer belongings you have, the easier it will be to store them.
  • Leave old boxes: If you have old boxes packed from previous moves, consider getting rid of them. If you haven’t had a need for the items within the last year, you will likely not need them going forward.
  • Create a first day box: Just like a normal move, create a first day box. This box will consist of items you’ll need as soon as you get there. For example, pack any phone or laptop chargers, medications and toiletries you’ll need as soon as you get to your new destination.
  • Enlist help: Moving can be a lot of work for one person to undertake. One of the best ways to ensure your move goes as quick and seamless as possible is to enlist help from friends and family.
  • Look for resources: The military provides a variety of sources about moving and relocating. If you’re looking for more specific answers or guidance, consider checking out the resource above.
  • Consider a storage unit rental: A storage unit rental can be beneficial for military personnel who are moving or being deployed. A storage unit will allow you to keep your items close to base during your deployment, where they’ll be ready for you upon your return. If you’re moving bases but will be moving back within the coming months or year, a self storage unit will allow you to keep your items right where you need them.

Stor-Mor Has Storage Facilities Near Military Bases

We are thankful for our military personnel, both past and present. Stor-Mor has storage facilities in California near Los Angeles AFB, NWS Seal Beach, Los Alamitos and in Colorado near Buckley AFB, Air Force Academy and Peterson AFB.

We know it can be intimidating leaving your items across the country or world. Our storage facilities are monitored 24/7 with camera surveillance and utilize a secure gate access system to keep unauthorized personnel out. Our storage facilities offer an online bill payment option, making paying your rent simple even if you’re across the US. Reserve a storage unit for military use today!

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