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Everything You Need to Know About Tenant Insurance

What is Tenant Insurance?

Tenant Insurance is a program compliant with state law and insurance regulations that covers losses for a tenant’s stored goods.   

Why Have It?

Without tenant insurance you, as a customer, may be vulnerable as your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy may not cover stored belongings or may only cover a fraction of an item’s value.  Tenant insurance can cover a customer from the unexpected which may not be covered under the self-storage lease. Some areas of coverage for tenant insurance include fire, burglary, limited water damage, earthquake.  Be sure to inspect the brochures at the facilities for a full description of the insurance program. A typical policy costs as little as $10.00 per month added to your monthly storage bill for $2,000.00 of coverage. That’s nothing compared with the peace of mind you’ll have as you know your goods are protected.  


Making a claim is easy and stress-free.  In the event of a loss, call the insurance claim’s department immediately.  Report any break-ins to the police. Take photos. Do not discard property that has been damaged.  Protect your property from further damage. Keep the lock if damaged.