Prepare for the Holidays with Anaheim Self-Storage

Admin | October 19, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

With the holidays approaching it's time to begin thinking about breaking out the decorations and dressing up your home. Unfortunately, for many people, holiday decorations take up a significant amount of space and they require some serious organization to keep them out of the way. While some people run out of space at home and struggle with clutter because of their decor, others invest in Anaheim self-storage space for just that purpose. If you aren't sure where to put your decorations, or you just want a dedicated space for them, Anaheim storage units could be the holiday storage solution you're looking for. Learn all about these useful spaces and how to make the most of self-storage to make decorating for the holidays a simpler process for you. 

Package Your Decorations Properly

Before you can put your decorations into an Anaheim storage unit, they need to be packed up carefully. Invest in moisture-resistant containers that also serve as a protective layer for your decorations. This is especially important to do when you're packing up breakable items. For most of your decorations, plastic bins that have sealing lids will work well. For some specialty items, such as strands of lights, or wreaths, there are specific storage devices that will help keep your items neat and in good shape over time. Invest in these specific containers when they will meet your needs best. Along with putting all your decorations into the right kind of container, you should sort your decorations based on the holiday and label the boxes you put them in for easy access. 

Select the Right Holiday Storage Unit

Out of all the different holiday storage ideas, one of the most practical is to get full storage units for all your decorations. Not just any unit will give you the space you need for these items though, you need to get the right sort of unit. Look for self-storage space that's large enough for all your decorations, but not so large that you're wasting space. The best way to guess at how much space you'll need is to package up your decorations and to put them all together in a single room. Use the space they take in your home to help you decide how much self-storage space you'll need. You can invest in a climate-controlled space for added protection for your valuables as well, but it's not necessary for all your decorations. 

Organize and Stack Your Decorations

Now that you have the storage space for your decorations, and you have them packaged up properly, it's time to pack them away in a neat and orderly fashion. This is simple to do as long as you sort and label everything first. Stack up your boxes of decorations in piles split up by the holiday and create walking space in between your stacks. If you do this you will have a way to easily access your decorations for each upcoming holiday and you can pull them out as you need them. You can even maintain an inventory of your decorations for even more organizational points. 

Rotate Your Decorations As You Need Them

When you finally need your decorations, you can package up and prepare any decorations you've already used for storage, and pull out the new ones you need. Take care to package your decorations carefully so they don't get damaged during storage, and take out all your labeled boxes that match the upcoming holiday. Be sure to look through all your storage containers to verify you have the right decorations before you leave your storage unit to save yourself time and effort. 

By following these simple tips you can keep your home free from clutter this holiday season while still keeping your holiday decorations ready to go. Just be sure you have the right storage space for your decorations and you'll be ready for all those special occasions.