Hidden Storage Ideas for Anaheim Homes

Admin | June 24, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Anaheim is a beautiful place to live and offers loads of entertainment opportunities, but rentals and homes in the area aren't known for their floor space. This means that if you live in the area, you need to be clever about how you find Anaheim storage in your home.

Consider furniture with storage drawers, storage pockets, and hidden space for all your valuables. You can also invest in Anaheim storage units to help clear out your living space, but self-storage can only hold the items you don't use regularly, you'll need to use storage hacks to fit everything else, which is what we cover below.

 You can cut down on your extra items and clutter, but you can also clear out your living space with cleverly hidden storage items. Learn how to hack the storage in your Anaheim apartment or home today.

Add Furniture with Built-in Storage

The most effective way to expand the storage in your home and to give you the space you need for your day-to-day essentials is to invest in furniture pieces with built-in storage. Consider a coffee table with hidden drawers or an ottoman that opens up.

Look at hollow side tables, decorative storage bins, or get creative and incorporate decorative trunks into your home to store useful items. Choose furniture that serves a useful purpose in your space but that also offers helpful storage as well. 

Lift Furniture and Add Storage

If you've already swapped out furniture pieces for more storage-friendly options wherever you could, consider raising some of your existing furniture so you can add storage underneath. If your bed is low to the ground, get a frame that lifts it up so you can add storage containers underneath.

You can do the same thing with living room furniture to create loads of extra storage space for whatever you need to truck away. 

Get Multi-Purpose Furniture to Open Space

One of the most clever ways you can create useful storage in your home is to invest in multi-purpose furniture wherever you can. You can get a Murphy bed for your bedroom that will convert into a workspace for getting things done during the day.

Consider a pull-out sofa for guest accommodations in your living room. You can also get expandable tables that will stay out of the way when it's just one or two people, but that will spread out large enough for you to host a family gathering at your place.

Choose the perfect furniture for your space at home and you'll have a flexible home that meets all your needs without being cluttered while doing it. 

Clear Space with Anaheim Self-Storage

Along with looking for creative ways to pack in as much useful storage space into your home as possible, it's important to consider self-storage in Anaheim for seasonal items and other larger items you don't need to access at your home regularly.

By working with a reliable company you can get the space you need in a secure location with alarms and video surveillance so you have a location to put the extras that you don't need at home. At Stor-Mor we offer the highest level of security and offer a range of unit sizes to meet most storage needs. 

If you follow these simple storage hack tips and you make use of storage units in Anaheim, you should have space to live comfortably in your home, even if you're living in a studio apartment currently. Make the most of your space and avoid paying more money to increase the size of your living space for as long as possible in the process.