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Colorado Springs Summer Storage Tips

Admin | Jul 27, 2020

While many people think of the summer as a time to break items out of storage, there are plenty of personal belongings that can be put away for the hot summer months.

Knowing what to pack away and how to organize your storage during the summer will help you clear up space and protect your belongings as well. We'll look at how to pack up your storage units as well as what sort of Colorado Springs storage you should be looking at as well below. 

Pack Away the Winter Clothes

 As the seasons change so does the clothing that most people wear, especially in a location like Colorado Springs. Having a self-storage in Colorado Springs gives you the space you need to pack up all the winter coats, the pants, and other warm items that won't be used during the summer.

This opens up room in your home closet and can help make your home look cleaner and more minimalistic. Use waterproof containers for your clothing to prevent issues with mold and wash and carefully fold the items before putting them away, or store them in wardrobe boxes for the ultimate in protection. 

Stash Seasonal Decorations

Winter is a time for holiday decorations unlike any other, and these decorations all need a place to stay during the rest of the year. Storage units in Colorado Springs are perfect for this purpose. Take the time to pack your decorations into storage bins and carefully label them before packing them into your self-storage space for safekeeping. It's a good idea to group the decorations together based on the holidays they are for so you can easily pull out the containers that you need from storage while leaving the rest in place. 

Store Sleds and Equipment

 Many people that live in Colorado Springs are used to using skis, snowboards, and other sporting equipment throughout the winter months. These items can clutter up your home and are more likely to be damaged when kept in everyday locations as well. That's why you should make use of storage units in Colorado Springs.

At a facility like Stor-Mor, you'll have all the space you need for even large items like snowmobiles that you want to store for the summer. Get the right size to accommodate all your equipment and take care to keep it organized and stacked safely when storing it for convenience when you unpack your storage later on. 

Carefully Organize Items Based on Season

When you pack up all your belongings into your Colorado Springs self-storage it is important to organize the items as carefully as you can. One of the most effective ways to organize your belongings is to do it by the season.

If you're putting seasonal items into your Colorado Springs storage units, you're going to want to take different groups of items out at the same time. Having all those specific items grouped together will make it easier for you to unpack when the time comes. 

 With access to the right storage in Colorado Springs, you will have the room you need to store your winter and fall items so that you have space in your home for spring and summer valuables. Follow these storage tips and store seasonal items specifically and you'll be able to get the most