Winter Prep With Colorado Springs Storage

Admin | November 30, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Have you ever watched your mom or dad start preparing for winter at home? Surprisingly, it can be a big process with lots of different things to do to ensure your home, car, and life is ready for short days, long nights, and plenty of Colorado snow.

Plan Ahead

The phrase “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” may seem like a cliche, but when preparing for a long Colorado winter it’s accurate. Before a major snowstorm hits, follow these tips to be sure you’ve got a plan to succeed if anything unexpected happens. Making a to-do list of ideas is a great place to start. List things you want to get accomplished as well as things that are necessary and work down your list in order of importance.

Quick and Easy Ways to Be Prepared

Before the long winter sets in, there are a few things you can do to ensure you’re ready. Here are a few winter prep tips from First, make a 72-hour kit for your car. Put snacks, water, and hygiene supplies in case you get stranded somewhere. Also be sure to check on family and friends, particularly those who are elderly or might need help during a storm.

Since COVID-19 has already changed many travel plans, this one might be simple, but avoid unnecessary travel. When the roads are icy and slick, it’s best to stay home if you can. And be sure to let your faucet drip just a tiny bit to keep your pipes from freezing.

If You Get Stuck at Home, Try This

With much of the world working from home due to COVID-19, you may start to get that cabin fever, feeling like if you spend another minute at home you’ll go crazy! Luckily, there are lots of things you can do around the house before and during winter that will help you feel accomplished and hopefully a bit less cluttered. Whether it’s the pandemic or a snowstorm keeping you at home, these ideas should help.

First, get your home storage in order. This may mean giving away or throwing away items you’ve collected over the years, or just putting things into their right places. Unfortunately, you probably won’t need those Hawaiian shirts, flip flops, and bathing suits for a while, so move those to a storage closet or find a storage solution in your garage by removing items you don’t use and stacking a few boxes out there.

If you feel like your home has become too cluttered, look into a Colorado Springs storage unit. Self-storage units are affordable, convenient, and a great place to put things to make your home feel less chaotic and more spacious. Stor-Mor has different unit types and sizes, so your Colorado Springs self-storage experience will be a breeze. 

Utilize Home Storage to Maximize Space

A surprising statistic from shows that the average person only uses 20% of the things they own. What to do with the 80% of items you might not need right now? After you’ve donated or thrown things away, use home storage to your advantage. Get a few boxes and stack them (heaviest on bottom) with labels facing out showing exactly what’s in each box. Find rarely-used places in your home like a broom closet or utility room and put these out of the way.

The same applies to garage storage solutions. Find creative ways to get things off the ground and make more room in your garage. Hang tools and bikes on utility hooks, or install some quick shelving to free up more space. Store things like clothes in the garage, and be sure to never leave anything that could freeze or burst out there.

Stor-Mor Always Has Space for You

When it comes to Colorado Springs self-storage units, Stor-Mor has you covered. We have self-storage available for any need you may have, big or small. If you find yourself stuck at home this winter and want to declutter, we have the storage space for your items to make the home feel a little more settled and less chaotic. Check us out online and let us help you get prepped for winter with a bit more space.