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All You Need To Know About Storing An RV

When it comes to storing your RV you need to look for a self-storage facility that can accommodate your vehicle comfortably.  Look for facilities that offer an array of RV sizes. Since most neighborhoods do not allow street parking of an RV, storage may be your only option. Look for angled parking spaces that are easy to maneuver into.  Wide facility aisles are also helpful. It is also beneficial to store at a facility where the surface (whether gravel or asphalt) is clearly striped out so there is no problem identifying where your space number is.  Shop around a bit so you get the most competitive price for storing your vehicle. Some facilities offer air compressors for replenishing the air in your RV tires. Look for a facility that has 24-hour security with an on-site resident manager on the property as this provides an extra layer of protection for your vehicle.